Compact Size Isolation Transceiver Module TD-MCAN/TD-MCANFD Series

Key words: CAN, CANFD, compact size, high transmission rate

TD301MCAN and TD501MCAN series are cost-effective CAN bus transceiver module which integrate power isolation, signal isolation, CAN transceiver and bus protection in one module. The series convert TTL/CMOS level to difference level of CAN bus to achieve signal isolation. Moreover, TD301MCAN/TD501MCAN feature 2500VDC electric isolation and miniature package which enable them better embedded in users’device to easily achieve connectivity functions of CAN bus network .

With rapid development of intelligent electronics, CAN bus gets troubles of load limitation. To address the problem, MORNSUN TD3(5)01MCANFD series is an alternative which upgrades TD-MCAN series and further promote data transmission rate to 5Mbit/s. The two series come in a same package and both are pin-compatible, which make it convenient for customers to choose according to system’s communication protocol. They are suitable for automotive electronics, instrumentation, etc.


  • Meet ISO 11898-2standard/ISO 11898-5 physical layer standard
  • Isolation: 2500 VDC ( input and output terminal are mutually isolated)
  • Bus timeout protection
  • Baud rate high up to 5Mbps (TD-MCANFD) / 1Mbps (TD-MCAN)
  • Operating temperature:-40℃ to +105℃
  • Suitable for 12V, 24V system
  • Compact size, standard DIP8 package