Customer service

We want to use our position as a distribution partner that is closely involved in the design process to assist you with a range of design and logistics services.

Vendor-managed inventory with the file formats of your choice is an established tool for automating the procurement process. The time, resources and money you save will help you optimize your supply chain.

Particularly for small businesses, but also for large companies launching new products, kitting is a popular way of reducing time to market and saving your own resources. As soon as the bill of materials has been defined, pass it on to us and we will supply the entire quantity specified, right on time, to the production location of your choice.

Obsolescence management as part of life cycle management is vital to risk management. The highly dynamic electronics industry experiences more radical changes in technology than almost any other sector. In order to keep component manufacturers’ ranges under control, it is essential to create and implement a systematic process with a partner you trust.

Design support using cross-reference guides: Avoid unpleasant situations where a component cannot be delivered, has been phased out or is defined as a secondary resource to ensure that products are ready for delivery. Use our comprehensive cross-reference guides. Do you need a sample for your development activities? Order now

Structured labelling automates your receipt of goods and ensures 100 per cent traceability. Use the Sicovend standard label or tell us your individual requirements.