Environmental Compliance


Dear Customer

Sicovend AG is fully aware of the requirements given by the REACH regulation and has identified its roles and obligations to the best of its knowledge.

1. Sicovend AG is a distributor of articles and not a producer.

2. Sicovend AG confirms that we understand our obligation under REACH in our roles either as a distributor or importer of articles.

3. For our suppliers located within the EU, we are acting as a distributor and therefore our supplier must fulfill the obligations given by REACH. For our suppliers that are located outside the EU we are partially acting as an importer with all obligations relevant to us.

4. Sicovend does not intend to pre-register or register any substances as we do not sell any articles containing any substances that, to the best of our knowledge, are intended to be released at any time. Therefore, pre-registration or registration is not required.

5. Sicovend AG is in contact with all our suppliers (located inside and outside of the EU) in order to get proper information and to ensure the availability of articles in the future.

6. Sicovend AG will monitor all further obligations with regards to Annex XIV (the “Candidate List”) regarding SVHCs. We understand our obligations regarding SVHCs listed under Annex XIV. Sicovend AG will provide all relevant Material Data Sheets (with the substance name, at a minimum) and safe handling practice (if applicable), when such information is provided to Sicovend AG by our manufacturers, for articles containing SVHCs (above the .1% weight by weight limit).

Sicovend AG,
August, 2017